1. Having  a fresh start is always a good thing to everyone and just the idea of having to walk on a new path that will lead you to your  desired destination its amazing .when we are given a chance in life to begin something we tend to  forget that everything that we get in life needs to be maintained ,we mostly love things at the beginning but when it gets tough or it fades away ,we break the attachment forgetting that we didn’t maintain that  thing from the beginning. Maintaining is like setting up a standard  that wont drop but rather improve than to drop, so basically a new and a fresh start needs proper planning and dedication ,having that will make that new path to be always smooth and even if it happens that it gets rough with proper planning at the beginning of the path you will be having proper equipment to keep it smooth-If the start is fresh maintain it and it will stay fresh. This is my fresh start and I intend to keep it fresh, what is your fresh start?make up a new path that will lead you to your destination.

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