Double minded

Double minded

It is said and been proven that the mind of a person is the most powerful element in the body or in life as a whole but the minds that we have as individuals are different as everyone has his/her own agenda inlife,different goals,visions,missions and perspectives that makes us to have different mindset(how we think).They way you think affects the way you act, this means that the thoughts you have will lead you to certain actions .As everyone has a different mindset you will find it difficult to hear or know that there are people who are double minded, this are the type of people that don’t have a stable mindset that leads to one direction .The word double symbolises 2,due to this symbol we conclude by saying that a double minded person has two different mindsets and different perspectives which lead to results of confusion because a double mind is like going to two different directions simultaneously. When we grow everything is suppose to grow body, mind and soul(reasoning ),so as we have grown we must begin to make decisions that will lead us to our destination. As the actions speak louder than words it means we judge a person  by actions-a double minded person changes the mind now and then ,he/she doesn’t do a stable decision -if you are double minded you intessionally entertain both light and darkness, you can not be righteous for a day and be a child of the world or darkness  the next day ,you can not act like a fool when you are with people whilst you know that you are smart,you cant and must not lead people to the wrong direction intessionally  whilst you know the correct direction, that symbolizes a double mind,same goes with respect if you respect at home then you must be able to respect even in public. The risk of having a double mind is leading people to the wrong direction, taking people to darkness and that can make people to be in danger with their lives while you think you are just playing-all this because of being double minded. The other risk is within yourself when you are double minded you are a danger to yourself  because you will make  rational decisions that will mess up your life ,another danger is growing up with an unstable mentality ,weak leadership skills, poor and negative reasoning ,bear in mind  there are ways that may seem right in your eyes   but they lead to the way of death and darkness, so lets change the way we think as adults ,lets be and act matured so that the next generation may see and get the correct and the right direction of life but if we do continue to be double minded -influencing people to do foolish things wherelse we know the smartest things to do, knowledge is not for storage is for utility/application and having knowledge and not giving it to people that means selfishness .We were given one element to think with let us not double it to negative and positive yes you are suppose at some times to change your mind or rethink decisions but that is a total different with a double mind let us stop being double minded ,know what you want and rethink about it then act,a mind is a powerful element that can build and shape your life but it can also ruin your life ,rethink your decisions.   

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