Decision making


Life has a begining and the end of it, we can define the begining of life in our own different ways but at this point  I would like to define the begining of life by decision making. The way to begin your life is by the decision you make, the decision you make will lead you to a certain path and that path has its ending which will be your results you get from the decision you made.Our problem nowa days as the youth and elders is that we make decisions under a pressure from our loved ones or people around us,there is no harm with including the next person in your planning or decision making but there is a problem if you make a decision because of that person this can lead to you taking the wrong path and regreting it later.When it comes to decisions, make sure that you prioritise yourself and by doing that it does not make you selfish but it makes you to have a proper planning that wil benefit you in the future by taking the correct path that links with your heart and your wellbeing. Before one takes a decision let him/her have deep thoughts about the decision his/she’s going to make(this includes the cost and reward of the decision),because not all the decisions we make includes the next person there is a partnership decision making then there is an individual decision making right now lets concentrate on individual decision making, make the right decision and get the right benefit and if you make the wrong decision you will surely get the wrong benefit or you might not even get a benefit.One might ask how do I know that I am making the right decision -asesss yourself as an individual on what makes you happy, prioritise your needs and never make a decision based on feelings only make sure you think aswell before making a decision.
Make the right decision and change your life.

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