Ask yourself

When was the last time you did self introspection?perhaps you never even have done one in your entire life but you always have people to judge and blame, now that it rings in your mind , do you think he/she was the problem?-you wont know because you never had a chance to look at how you talk, walk, laugh, what makes you angry and the way you use your mind.It is very important for one to check himself every now and then because sometimes we push people we love away because of our behaviour or the way we communicate with them.Its highly possible that all this years you have been telling yourself that everyone wronged you only to find out now that you were pushing everyone away.By now maybe you are asking yourself why didnt they tell you and the answer is =they told you but you didnt even hear or notice it because you always saw yourself as the correct one in every equation(situation).
Lucky you because you have this chance to check your present and past mistakes so you can change the future You.We always try to change people but the truth is that there is only one person who can change the way you think and that person is the one who is reading here .Do self introspection often so that you dont often make the same mistake in life.

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